Size  1800/147 mm
Special size width 110 – 302 mm; length 700 – 2500 mm
Dimensional variation length ± 2.0 mm EN 12467
Dimensional variation width ± 1.0 mm EN 12467
Thickness  13 mm
Thickness tolerance -1.0 mm /+2.0 mm
Thickness tolerance within one shipment ± 1.3 mm EN 12467
Edge straightness (Level 1) ± 0.05 % EN 12467
Perpendicularity (Level 1) ± 2.0 mm/m EN 12467
Physical characteristics 
Swelling 0.384 mm/m DIN 18202
Shrinkage 0.737 mm/m
Bulk density 2.0 – 2.42 kg/dm3
Bending tensile strength > 18 N/mm² (MOR*) EN 12467, Class 4
E-modulus for deformation calculation approx. 10,000 N/mm²
E-modulus for restraint calculation approx. 30,000 N/mm²
Dead load / Mass per unit area (13 mm) 26 – 31.5 kg/m²
Thermal expansion coefficient 10*10^(-6) 1/°k DIN 51045
Building material class (panel | system) A1 – non-combustible | A2-s1, d0 – non-combustible DIN 4102 | EN 13501
Temperature stability according to humidity up to 350°
Specific heat capacity approx. 1,000 Joule / (kg * K)
Thermal conductivity lambda: approx. 2.0 W / (m * K)
Moisture expansion 0.05 % EN 12467
Weather resistance 
Water impermeability given EN 12467
Heat-rain-alternate test given EN 12467
Frost resistance given EN 12467
Frost-defrost-alternate test given EN 12467
UV-light resistance light- and UV-stable colour pigments DIN 12878
Hot water resistance given EN 12467
Wet storage resistance given EN 12467
Fastening exposed rivets, screws
Fastening concealed adhesive, Rieder Power Anchor
Substructure aluminium, steel, wood
Joint width min. 8 mm
Reinforcement  with alkali-resistant glassfibres in the matrix (Cem-FIL, Approval Z-3.72-1731)
Edge formation  Cut edges are unfinished and sharp-edged with a coarseness of about 1 mm  on the visible face. Glassfibres may emerge at the edges.
Colours**  Through coloured panels; 12 standard colours; special colours on request.
Surface**  matt: even surface  ferro light: sandblasted at lower pressure  ferro: sandblasted at higher pressure
Assembling and weather protection  hydrophobicity


* MOR: Modulus of Rupture; Design values deviate from MOR in accordance with national rules and regulations. National approvals, rules and regulations apply to the calculation of the rated resistance.

**Because concrete is a natural product, each glassfibre reinforced concrete panel is regarded as a single piece. Differences in colour, structure and texture are characteristic and intended. Efflorescences or small, visible pores are not defects. The light resistance varies depending on the colour. Differences in the surface appearance, which do not affect the fitness for purpose of the panels, are permitted. EN 12467 / Data sheet Exposed concrete 02/2004 [Publisher:BDZ/DBV]

Subject to the particular quotation documentation. The technical description of product characteristics should not be interpreted as a contractual commitment on the part of the manufacturers. Despite careful inspection, no liability can be accepted for the correctness, completeness and topicality of the document. This is particularly true for typographical errors or subsequent changes to technical specifications